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Men and Makeup? 10 Beauty Tips for Men

by Out and About STYLE Mag

Yes, you read that right! Today, we are diving face-first into the most controversial and widely acknowledged subject in the beauty world till date — Should a man wear makeup? And if so, how can he wear it without going full-on glam?

Well, my answer to both questions is definitely Y-E-S! Now hold up... I’m not suggesting that you pull a Bretman Rock on us, even though he slays his makeup every day. All I am saying is that you can add a little something here and there to step up your male grooming game. With these simple beauty tips for men, you'll be able to keep your body happy without much work.

So, let’s explore the top beauty products for men in the list below:


FULL-COVERAGE CREAM OR LIQUID FOUNDATIONDanessa Myricks Beauty basically handed out the keys to ‘complexion’ heaven when they launched their all-in-one foundation and concealer (Velvet Cream Cover) for EVERY skin tone out here on the street. This buildable duo only requires you to place 3-4 dots of the cream, starting from under the inner tear duct of each eye and following the pattern of where an under-eye bag would rest itself. Use a damp beauty blender or sponge to properly blend in the cream. Then, build a clean even look by adding more product based on your desired facial outcome! You now look refreshed and awake!


brow and beard tint

Believe me or not, there are MANY products available for men to tint their moustaches, beards and sideburns. So why not take it a step forward and tint those brows while you’re grooming? I’m just saying, if you are going to go as far as to tint your beard, then why not make the carpet match the drapes and tint those BROWS?! As a woman, my brows set the tone to my face which in turn makes my makeup look awesome. Think of it in the same way for a man. Even if you have the most desired haircut and a facial hair trim to match, wouldn’t everything just look so much better if you also kept those brows of yours in check? You’ll thank me later.


SETTING POWDERS OR LOOSE POWDERSSet that concealer, boys! You have already taken your beauty routine to the next level. So why not make sure it lasts all day? Use setting powders by Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier or my personal favourite cruelty-Mercier or Beauty Bakerie, to lock that concealer in and minimise shine along those T-zone areas.


Now, this is where beauty products can become a bit complicated to use at the beginning. So, let me break this one down for you. A good colour corrector guide should always remind you of a colour wheel. We use complementary colours to neutralise each other when they are mixed. The goal is to create a more even-toned skin colour as follows:


Peach: Use to eliminate or minimise dark circles and discolouration

Green: Perfect for disguising redness

Yellow: Most popular because it reduces the shade of under-eye circles

Blue: For yellow patches of skin

Lavender: For yellow undertones

STEP 1: Apply a colour corrector from the Urban Decay’s Naked Skin collection after primer, right before applying concealer.

STEP 2: Next, apply your colour corrector with a beauty blender, applicator wand or by simply using your fingers.


Blend! Blend! Blend!


This is where your concealer has the chance to make its entrance. Don’t forget to set everything you have just done with a good setting powder.


Now, this right here is a beauty must-have for every man, woman and child. None of your foundation, concealer or corrector application matters unless you understand the importance of a good BLEND! And the best way to do this is to use a Beauty Blender. Their website has some amazing tips on the best ways to get the most out your Beauty Blender.


If you have absolutely no clue as to how to use these three skincare ingredients, let me school you really quickly — retinol helps to softens and often times, eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots from acne scarring. Super C Brightening Serum by Urban RX is the definition of ‘youthful skin in a bottle’. Softly rub this serum over your face and neck areas before you apply any other facial moisturiser. lastly, hyaluronic acid is hydration for the skin. Your very own skin cells naturally produce hyaluronic acid to maintain any sort of natural moisture you may have. Apply a single gram of hyaluronic acid onto your face and it equates to SIX litres of water. Yeah, that’s right. Try it and thank me later.


Body foundation helps to give an even-toned skin from the face to the body. If you are often shirtless or happen to rock open chest shirts a lot, and your body and face skin tones vary by 2 to 3 shades, then this might be the solution for you. Granted you can get a simple spray tan, but if you don’t want that hassle and prefer immediate results, try Dior’s Backstage. There are a total of 40 shades to choose from! Apply a small amount of primer on the clean skin of the area you wish to cover. Then place a drop or two on the back your hand or onto a beauty mixing tray. Use a damp Beauty Blender to start applying and blending the body foundation onto the desired areas. I would recommend setting this with a setting spray of your choice to reduce shine and make it last longer.


If you want that gazed-smudgy-sexy eye look, then rock some guyliner! This male grooming practice dates as far back as Egyptian times. And I highly doubt it will ever go away. Any eyeliner from a beauty brand of your choice will help you achieve this look. Check out some options from Men’s Makeup UK.


If you want to avoid looking like you have applied lipstick, then choose a colour that is natural or clear. Burt’s Bees has an amazing selection of sheer light colours that are 100% natural. Coconut oil also helps to keep your lips moisturised throughout the day.


Lip scrubs are a must have! Use Beauty Bakerie’s Vanilla Sugar Lip daily to secure soft lips for a long time. It’s simple to use and feels so good afterwards. Apply this scrub to your lips each night in a circular motion to remove dead skin that create a chapped and flaky dry lip. Add this step to your nightly facial cleansing routine and wake up with kissable soft lips.


About the Author

Katrina Long is the owner and Creative Director at The Beauty Studio, Middle East, a design and branding company. She is also the owner of several brands including Kemet Lash Co., Melanin Deep Beauty, the Nail Hustle and Style Addicts Confidential. She is an African-American Texas native with a collegiate and professional background in government financial audit. Katrina is a shoe aficionado and owns over 200+ pairs.

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